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We will design a unique 2D art and 2D spine animation for you following all requirements and wishes

About us

PicShot Outsource Art Studio is a company that provides art and 2d spine animation development services. We can handle every style of an outsourced project. We will create the most comfortable working conditions with us so that you will be sure of the result you get and can always count on the accuracy, quality, and responsibility in fulfilling the order.

We are a team of professionals doing the job with passion and attention to every detail.




Years of experience

25 500+

Hours of professional work


Made projects

Our services

Gaming sector services:
concept art
concept art
2D spine

Key areas of work

Board games
Card games
We work in different areas of 2D Art development with over two years of experience in the field. Our team stays up to date with the latest trends of each genre.
We know the specifics of each genre, work on impressive details.We create art emphasizing first-class quality,  impressive visual effects, and aesthetic appeal to the audience. Our services meet client expectations and high standards.
Are you interested in another genre? Then email us, and we'll discuss the details.

Stages of cooperation

1 to 4 working days
Test task
From 30 min.
to 1.5 hours
1-2 business days
Signing the contract
Art teamwork
1-2 business days
File transfer

Why should you choose us?

Pricing policy

We have a reasonably flexible pricing policy. There is also the possibility of wholesale prices.

In touch 25/7

You can contact us at any time with questions about your project.

A unique approach to each client

We value our customers, so we are always ready for new ideas and suggestions.

We are ready to discuss your project and offer our ideas,implementation options!

Get a consultation (30 minutes) where we can review all your questions. Fill out the form, and a manager will contact you within one hour.
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What platforms do we work in?

After Effects
3ds Max

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is game art outsourcing?

Outsourcing game art creates digital art for a mobile or computer game using an outsourcer instead of a staff team.

2. What is the quickest way to get an evaluation for my new project?

If you want to get an estimate as soon as possible, you should give your potential outsourcing partner a project brief.

What should the brief consist of?

—  A list of content;
—  A consistent description of all the game assets needed for development;
—  All requirements for the project;
—  Wishes and references for the art style;

3. What are the stages of working with the art component?

We proceed to the sketch stage as soon as we receive information from the customer (brief) about the style, references, and project details.

Color variations are developed after the approval of the sketch. The last step is polishing.

4. Why is it profitable to outsource the art component?

There can be many reasons for outsourcing.

For example, it is beneficial because you transfer all the essential tasks to an experienced company, which will fulfill the duties quickly and with high quality.

As a result, the client does not need to create a staff art-design development team because the outsourcer takes care of all the necessary tasks. The client is in constant communication with the team, can make changes, and quickly correct the course of the work.


Any questions?

Fill out the form, and a manager will contact you within one hour.
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